Sunday, January 23, 2011

J2 off and Running

      So far there is a stark difference between this semester and the last... I am not stressed to the max, there aren't 5 quizzes and multiple tests per week, and I am not required to spend hours upon hours in lab.. whew. This semester I have classes most of the day monday, then two 12 hour shifts (tues, wed) at St. Joes. Then classes the rest of the week. I had my first clinicals this past week and was in the cardiac unit! It was exciting, and it was cool to learn so much more about the heart, which by the way is so much more complex then I ever knew. I had one patient all day, and it was good. The unit was interesting though, lots of critical care going on. I liked it a lot.. My next stint will be either in ER, Med-Surg, or ICU. I am excited because this semester we don't really get assistance unless we ask, so we actually are the nurse finally! Its a great learning experience.
      This coming week we do our mental health rotation which should be fun. We are headed to State Hospital North in Orophino to visit some inpatient psych clients. I think this will be really fun. We get two whole days there and we find a patient, learn all about them and observe them (which i hear is the best part). I think it should be interesting, and I think the fact that I am experienced in the psych field will help me. All of my classmates are saying " I'm scared, I'm just going to stick close to you all day". hahah. They have no idea. ANYWAY, thats all the news for now. Just getting into the swing of things! Will update again soon!

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  1. Good afternoon. I have been traveling a fair amount, hence the perceived neglect of the Blog. Carry on Blog Master, sounds like all is well in your Nursing world. Glad you are happily moving along the Education Highway. Remember to stay in your own lane, do not speed, always being cautious in all that you do. Shift gears, keep the focus on what is important.
    Love you,
    Dad :)