Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winding up...

       Things are really starting to get into gear. Classes are still good, but clinicals this semester are a whole new game... We have a lot more responsibility this semester. We get to clinicals at 0645 am and find out our assignment (which floor we are on i.e. ICU, PCU, Med/Surg, Peds, etc). We head to the report room on our floor and sit down for 30 minutes franticly writing down our report off from the night shift nurses. After we get all of our patient information for the patients on that floor, we are assigned a nurse and two of her patients to take care of for the day... We give all of the medications, injections, do any procedures, prepare patients for test, labs, ect.. it's really all about organization. Then at 1230 we get a "working" lunch where we get drilled about our patients by our instructors, ( were required to be experts) and head back to the floor and work until 1900, then head home and crash! We have to do our charting before we leave as well. Overall it makes up for a verrrrrrryyyyyyyy long day. School is starting to kick into gear as well. We have lots of projects coming up and midterms. Wish me luck, will be checking back in soon! Here's another great picture to tide you all over..


  1. Good Morning, carry on with the good work. I am sure you are finding that rest, consistency, effort are all important elements to success. Keep up the effort, anything worth doing is worth doing well. I know you understand that already. The patients left in your care I am sure want the best effort, understanding, as well as care. You are a caring, people person, you will do well in the Nursing profession. Have a great day, stay focused, enjoy what you are doing that is the key to success.
    Love, Dad

  2. Good Morning. Looks like nothing new on the BLOG!
    TIP: When having a picture, or image made for posting, publication........try to have the light on your face! It will make for a much better image, not quite so dark on the facial features.
    Loving you!
    Dad XoXo